The path of free life

Mukto Jiboner Pothe
The Al Qur’an has read many times. But I did not understand anything, I could never dive inside. When a silent moment drowned in the Qur’an, the verses began to speak. Thrilled, surprised. In one life, all of them are arranged in the Qur’an wear it. What is needed for a healthy, happy, fulfilling life is the direction of its pages.
Life is bound to match everything. Therefore, the problem is whether it is in the body or in the mind, in the face of sexual life or economic complexity, product addiction, slavery of selfishness, dishonesty of person or social injustice, worldly happiness or salvation in the future, all in the same formula One cannot be separated from one another. The Koran has expressed this classical truth clearly.
‘Read! In the name of your Creator Lord, in the name of your Creator. Who created man from the fertilized egg Read it! Your Lord is Merciful! He gave knowledge to the pen in pen. He taught people, which he did not know. The beginning of the   Al Qur’an with this string of Surah Alak
In the beginning, the Qur’an inspired people to read and learn. The Koran has called the ignorance as a manga. In the path of knowledge, in the path of liberty, has inspired people Even in reaching the level of faith, the Qur’an has given importance to the application of human instincts. The Qur’an is also built on the same basis as the material and spiritual life. Obviously, follow the laws of Allah. You will be honored in the world and the Hereafter.
In verse 23 of Surah al-Baqarah, revealed in the first verse of the Qur’an, in the 23rd year of the Quran, Allah said, “Be aware of the day when you will be brought back to Allah, and then everybody will be given his credit entirely. No one will be wronged. ‘ The way in the first house is described as the unfortunate condition of the human birth process, in the last decade, it has been said in the same way, even if given freedom of action, man is not far from accountable. He will get the proper results of his actions.
The first verse of the Qur’an was revealed in 610 and the last verse in 632. The Qur’an, which is completed in 23 years in step by step, gets completed in 23 years. After the first verse was revealed, its attracting power became apparent. Immersed people in the darkness of ignorance or ignorance find the light. They started to change that light.
Thousands of reforms and bigotry breaks in the fathers, they get free faith and right vision. Then, for the sake of his release, no one was left behind for the release of people. Abidya Vigna Terror is the oppression of bloodshed and the people who are submerged in women’s lives become the symbol of truth and justice. Scattered communities united in groups, tribal and tribal violence have become united in a hostile ideological ethnicity.
In the 50 years of the first verse, the followers of the Qur’an eradicated the dominant power of the Roman and Persian eras, and the only power in that time.
History is a witness! Apart from the Quran itself, as soon as the public was disseminated, the human heart could not stir up such a stir, so much so that the person could not change it in such a way. Those who were directly present in the Qur’an were not only illuminated; Instead of bigotry and brutality, this stream of religion, humanity, and freedom has flowed in the generation after generation, centuries after centuries. This stream of religion, humanity, and open mind has created a blazing civilization in the medieval period.
When the followers of the Qur’an were pursuing the art of knowledge of science, then Europe was submerged in the dark age of ignorance and bigotry. From this blazing civilization of the East, the message of humanity and freedom of the Qur’an in the country of Europe has been reached in many ways. The beginning of Europe is the revival of the Renaissance or Liberty. Newly started the study of knowledge science. Advances in science So, in a nutshell, the Qur’an has taught the humanity, knowledge, and freedom of the world and has come into the world in the current science and technology era.
Every person wants to know the answer to a fundamental question since the intellect. That is how will I be good in the world? Is there any life after death? How will I be good there? For more than fourteen years, more people from the Qur’an have got a convincing answer to this question, and they did not get it from any book. It has been felt by millions of people in the Qur’an as a miraculous sign of the mercy of the Almighty.
The Al Quran is undoubtedly the Word of Allah. Has been revealed in Arabic. Its syntax, its rhythm, its beauty, its significance, its underlying strength, its depth is incomparable. So no one could compose Surah parallel to its small Surah. Since the Qur’an has been revealed directly to the Arabic language, it is not possible for any human to translate its glory into another language.
However, it is possible for any ordinary person to understand its sincerity. Because the Qur’an has been revealed only because of the guidance of all people on the basis of religion. Therefore, despite being an expert in any topic, I have realized the meaning of his words on the level of meditation and amazed, as a common man dedicated to Allah.
I realized that the Quranic words realized the eternal innovation. It has been found that every pain of the present age and the answer to each question is composed in a fine masonry. Clearly, fourteen hundred years ago, the people who drowned in the darkness of ignorance realized the meaning of this Qur’an and followed them, transformed themselves into the best people in the world, led the enlightened civilization
Likewise, if any deprived, neglected or degenerated person can follow the Qur’an, then follow it, then it will become a true man, a successful man, enlightened people. And these people will be the creators of the future of the brightest civilization. The society will be released from the chain of exploitation and merchandise from the deprivation of deprivation. After understanding the importance of the Qur’an in the present context, this small initiative is only for expressing its mother tongue.
The Qur’an has opened the insights of billions of people billions of lives and world over the centuries, has changed them from within, opened the door to their possibilities, gave a calm and satisfying life. So be submerged in the word of God’s word, read again and again, deep down in the words, deep in the sentence. The Quran will speak with you, you will also start to change from the inside. An enlightened people will be experienced in the knowledge of humanity in religion. As the followers of the first era, you will be successful and honored in the world. And the honor of the Hereafter is only for the righteous people who are committed to God. On the mercy of the Most Gracious, they will be the eternal joy.
{Above Feelings about Al Quran is by Guruji Shahid Al Bukhari (Mohajatok)}
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